Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Why do you always irk me?
Coz I just like having fun with you!

Why do you mock my friends?
Coz I think you can have better friends!

Why don't you like me watching romantic movies?
Coz you are still too young for that!

Why do you want me to hear your favorite songs even though I hate them?
Coz I want to enjoy them with you!

Why can't you simply leave me alone?
Coz you give me a good company!

Why can't I wear high heels?
Coz you are only a small girl!

Why don't you allow me to eat chocos even if you eat them a lot?
Coz you might get ill!

Why don't you like me have boys as friends?
Coz I'm protective!

Why are you acting like a big guy to me sometimes?
Coz I'm like a father to you!

Why can't I use makeup?
Coz you are beautiful for me as you are!

Why don't you like Brad Pitt?
Coz you drool over him always!

Why do you play with me even though you are too old for that?
Coz it makes you smile and that makes me happy!

Why do you keep preaching me?
Coz you are my responsibility!

Why do you never talk to me as if I'm a grown-up?
Coz you are always a baby for me!

Why can't you just be free to me like our cousins?
Coz I care for you more!

Why didn't you tell all these, straight to my face before?
Coz its too tacky and not so cool for me!

Why do you love me so much, my bro...?
Coz you are my little sister...
And for your record, I will never stop loving you and bugging you!


Dedicating to my wonderful big brothers, whom I love, close to my heart.

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  1. I have brothers and i told them, i love them very much. And still things just don't work out between us.
    i really like your poem. :-)