Friday, 24 April 2009

Just A Small Thought.

The time we start thinking of gaining independence in life from others like a hard and fast rule, is the point we should realize that we are actually insecure, uncertain and sometimes cynical about ourselves. Better, we accept the need of dependence, approve the mutual reliance of humans and stop grieving on the widely mislead concept of 'personal freedom'. Adoption of the fact that, mankind can never be free of everything is the ultimate independence he can ever obtain. I think, independence is a man's transcendental sophistication; But dependence, his latent necessity, majority of the time. Either way, I believe, dependence and independence are two inevitable but extremely beautiful sides of the healthy co-existence of humankind.


  1. yes true...thats called interdependance----(COVEY)

  2. Freedom is something that is shackled within us. No matter how hard we try to unshackle the whole thing, there shall (and must) remain on knot always tangled up.