Thursday, 10 September 2009

Roller Coaster Ride.

Uncertainties are sometimes a very daunting thing in life. We don't know what we are getting in ourselves to and the fear of getting besieged in a novel stage or just an apprehension that we are making a mistake are almost always disapproved. But sometimes, I do start thinking... Are uncertainties always a bad thing?! Isn't life all about risks and doubts and questions? When did adventures began fading into the background losing its excitement and all the so called zsa-zsa-zsu? And started getting picturized as the risky skate-on-thin-ice sweepstakes?

The journey is worth only traveling if the scenes we see around are new and fresh... Passing through the same paths over and over; It's like running inside a circle. Life is not a circle but a profound Eleven-dimensional super gravitated crisscross of lines with all the wonderful dwindles and pits and falls and of course great highs; which are closely inter weaved to each other. If taking up a few falls is worth that one high, aren't some things worth risking for?

Monotony is the one instrumentality, we try to avoid so that many breathings of life do not stay just still and pause a threat; But respire without constraint and accelerate forward, even if it's only one more puff of survival at a time. Because standing still is never an option, as life is not entitled for a destination but only for the beautiful voyage.

We get concerned about the Risk factor. The X-factor. The Fear factor. But aren't they combined to be known as exciting adventures in this phenomenally electrifying Roller coaster ride? So when did we stop being adventurous and started settling for compromises on a mere Two-dimensional Up-Down Seesaw or ... maybe on a To-Fro Swing??

Of course life is not too short to jump into things. But then again... Its never too long to hesitate and afford lose the wonderful opportunities that are drawing their hands and pointing towards better directions.

P.S. To a good friend, who brought up this concept of uncertainty during our casual crazy chat. :0)

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