Friday, 16 October 2009


I love having someone around always..

To laugh. To have fun. To tease. To annoy. To irritate. To cry. To fight and then make up.

To wake up in the oddest hours to talk about silly things.

To ask again and again the 19th time if I look beautiful in this dress.

To be stubborn for having ice-cream at midnight.

To be crazy for. To be possessive of. To be taken care of........

To go the extra mile, to see that smile.

To be just me.......

And to love.. And to fall in love with, again and again........

But no one had the knack to do all these things with me.

No one had enough pursuit to deserve all these from me.

Then one day, he came along...

And that's how my fairytale began.........

-- To someone who's there for me always and to whom I'm trying harder to be there for him. :0)

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