Wednesday, 30 May 2012


My head cannot stoop any lower.

Her eyes...
I cannot face the tears rolling down all over..
How could I do this to her..
Breaking her heart.. over and over again..

The love of my life..
The one person I truly care,
more than anything in the world..

How could I be this unfaithful to her?
When did I become this ruthless hypocrite,
who made her believe that she can trust me?
Didn't I see her pure devotion? 


My broken promises...
My broken words..
Her broken heart.


And now I stand before her...
With nothing but shame and guilt;
Not even having the courage to look into her eyes...
And ask for forgiveness...


For one last time, I wish I could fight for her..


I do want to fight for her!
I want to have one more chance
to prove that I won't let her down again.
How I wish she trusted me once more..
Once and for all...

There she is waiting for my glance...
Maybe its time to stop thinking
And do something about it..


I picked up the weakest shame and the tiniest courage left
And looked at her straight into eyes..

My breaths had fogged her image..

I wiped her tears.
I wiped my reflection.

And there I see...


I'm sorry.


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