Thursday, 3 March 2016


We frequently tell each other, "Don't expect/ hope from anyone anything". Has anybody said that with enthusiasm in our lips, devoid of even a slight glimpse of trepidation in our eyes? On the contrary, I hear an echo of melancholy and a sigh of deprecation..  I feel as though a feather in one's heart falls down and dies each time it is said or heard.. When we say, "don't expect from anyone anything ", are we not saying silently "don't expect from me" as well, since 'I' am also an 'anyone' ? 

When did we become so skeptical..? Why are we preferring suspicion over mutual regard? How can we go on with life thinking we won't have our shoulders for each other? A speculation like such, is that a sign of fierce independence in reality or that of an audacious mind drearily trying to shield self from probable pains?  

I don't know if we really can preserve our hearts from expectations. We are humans with an innate humane trait that makes us trust other enough to believe in their capability of fulfilling our hopes. In a way, is it not an utmost form of admiration to one another? That we see ourselves worthy of hopes? 

Maybe I'm wrong but let us not give up on our goodness.. Let us have hope and give hope.. 
Of course I might get heart broken by others and I break of others' too. But I would rather have a broken heart than an untouched one. After all heart breaks make us live and thrive all its glory; A life of love and fight and surrender... And love again.

Perhaps I can say all these because I'm blessed with friendships from ones who have surpassed my imagination on positive reassurance many a times, whenever I needed them. And thus, I hope I shall be grateful enough, not to pine too much over the small pains of my heart brought by one or two and forget the bigger joys brought in by many many loved ones. 

My companions.. My soulmates..
I will always embrace my expectations of you because I believe in your kindness. You are worth the hopes of my little heart. 

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