Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The chains.

The more I lost you,
The more I knew, how much you gave my life its meaning.

The more I miss you,
The more I know the depth of my love.

So I will carry the pain in my heart always;
I find happiness in that pain.

The freshness of the wound;
Shows open my eternal love to you.

The crystal clear memories;
Paves way to my life onwards.

The echo of your laughter,
Is the lullaby I hear every night.

The sound of my every heartbeat,
Each of your footsteps towards me.

The moments we spent together,
Is the priceless treasure I possess.

The promises that I made to you,
Is the truest religion I always follow.

The dreams I saw about us,
Are the milestones I aim to attain.

The intensity of my devotion,
Is the chastity of my unconsummated love.

My untiring hope,
Is the food to my long journey towards you.

My profound faith in my love,
Being the deep root to the anticipation.

My never ending prayers,
are for a more beautiful ending.

My eternal optimism in myself;
Other priceless answer of my true emotions.

Maybe everything is meant to be the way it is...
Untouched. Unaltered. Unchanged.
Pure. Genuine. And Simple.

Maybe the infinite unbreakable chains that I bound myself to you;
Is the ultimate freedom I ever gained.

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