Monday, 3 August 2009

Fairy Tales.

And then they lived happily ever after...

The handsome prince and the beautiful princess...

They knew they were meant to be together, the first time they met...

He could just live, looking at her eyes forever...

She was rescued from the evil stepmother and stepsisters...

The 'eternal' love stories of the good-looking couples go on like this. Fairytales and even the 21st century movie lines decide to stick with the inter-connected triangle between love, good looks and an evil in between. What if the girl was not that pretty? Will the boy fall in love at first sight? Or will he be able to look through, for the substance contained? If the boy is handsome, will he automatically fit the bill to be a good partner? What if there are no evil aunts or witches or dragons involved and the girl need not to be rescued from anything? What if she can look after herself and doesn't need any kind of 'help' from a second person? How can the boy make the grand entrance without proving his physical strength? How do they know that he or she is The one? Will they hear bells ringing or violins playing?

Almost all the stories that we hear from childhood, put some fancy dress over infatuation or crush and call it 'love'. At first sight, love, as in between two persons which has a potential for sharing lives, is hardly ever going to happen. Because love comes from companionship, from knowing each other, from acceptance, from seeing the goodness, from the willingness to let go the flaws, from the ability to see even through darkness. It doesn't come from eyes, or lips or anything of that matter. If its like that, its mere attraction which can happen anywhere anytime to anyone. When the L word is misused or if defined better, 'incorrectly used', it becomes synthetic and a cheesy line. If genuine, love will stand the test of time, patience and misfortunes. But then again, its never always about love,as it is not enough. There are hundreds of other emotions. This single emotion doesn't make anyone complete, but just makes our journey more beautiful.'Giving hearts' and 'living only for someone' are soothing to hear of course, but partially hype and overrated. Even, some of my own scribbles, are exaggerations about love and sacrifices and all. Sometimes, even my thoughts do deviate to lesser practical concepts on these kind of emotional needs. In reality, expecting someone to be there for you as if he or she can't live without you, can be a very narcissistic way of thinking. But to accept that these are all parts of life, might be the reality to be realised for our own good.

But whatever it is, I don't know whether this is hypocritic, I still believe in fairytales... Because I believe in happy endings. For that is a beautiful thing in life to be hoped for always.


  1. Love in itself has become a hypocrite in this age where life is intertwined in the web of 'Social' Networks.

    As time flew and i grew, i left back those fairy-tales for after all they are just some infatuated piece of literature while i searched (or was it lost) myself in the realms of Reality (Virtual Reality that is).

    But then, i agree with HKB, "I still believe in fairytales... Because I believe in happy endings. For that is a beautiful thing in life to be hoped for always." More than that a fairy-tale can still entice one's heart/soul from within.

    Great Write up. I must say you do infuse in a this messy but really nice little thing called Emotion very well in your write ups.

  2. :) Its not infusion of emotions, more like intrusion of them coz i'm nothing without those "messy but nice little thing" :) Thank you so much.