Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Golden Era.

So, the other day, some teenagers tried really hard to scare me off with their bullying. There were like three boys and six girls . All around 13-14 years of age. I was sitting alone in the playground, just half a mile from my house, and they told me they wanted to be friends with me. For me, they are just beautiful lively kids in their golden age. And to be honest, I didn't see this 'bullying' coming. But after a few minutes of friendly talk, they became too 'friendly' and started joking with bad languages which I can't even say loudly. To my own surprise, I sat there least bit bothered, reading my book. Coz again, for me they are just kids who were trying to be 'grown-ups'.

What I still don't understand is, why do teenagers think, using a lot of F-Word or far worse words make them adults. Or is it my so-called 'generation gap' with them, making me forward this question? Atleast, I don't think so. Even if, swearing does make us adults, why this sudden urge to lose the beautiful era of life? You are gonna grow up and be an adult one day, anyway, so why so much rush to conquer it? Coz once, you enter those pages of calendars, there is seldom a comeback, ain't it?

Teenage years are the most wonderful time of a person's life, for its full of fresh energy, innocence, eagerness, constant curiosity and fascination for new episodes. Teenage is not just a part of life, its much much larger than life; Short and sweet, filled with all the distinct, special and unique experiences, that a person will have in his/her own lifetime.

A teenager is happiest, when he/she is with friends and they will literally die for their friends, and thats their fearless commitment. A teenager will fall in love so blindly that he/she will never forget those small crushes they had, rest of their lives. A teenager will be so rebellious to others, that during these years do they know their real strength to stand up for themselves, against many obstacles, good or bad. But a teenager is still the most innocent, who will get upset when parents just 'sermon' them, or when a favourite rockstar demises or is grounded for going to a party too late. Those innocent emotions will eventually be lost through time, when they hit the other side of the curve towards adulthood. So why can't teenagers simply be just those innocent kids, who will share their homework, gift her favourite earrings to her friend, help his best bud get ready for his date and laugh at the silly jokes only their friends circle will understand?

I might never get answers to these questions, but I try to pacify myself thinking that, atleast I enjoyed the best years of my life with all its superlatives. Now when I look back, I can only smile and be happy. And I'm proud and grateful that my friends and cousins who were there for me, and still are, for even the silly stuffs at which I used to get worried, are the best gifts I got during this glorious time.

I just wish, all teens have their time, never seized away from them, by themselves. I just wish all teens have those beautiful not-still-lost baby smiles on their faces. I just wish all teens remain as teens and welcome and enjoy their ever so fantabulous years in its twenty-four carat authenticity.

P.S : Dedicating this write-up to my most wonderful cousins sisters, Febin and Aysha. Teeanage wouldn't be the same without you two.. I wouldn't be the same without you two.. :)


  1. Very rightly described regarding kids trying to grow up too soon, dont know why though? The childhood reflecting back are the best times in ones life carefree and not a tension in the world.....why oh why do kids want to grow up soon.....nice way of describing the incident and also your perspective was good.Dont know abt me hope to remain calm like u did if it happens to mee:) good job

  2. hehe...yeah..maybe its my curiosity on how that incident was gonna turn out, that made me sit there calm. and nowadays, i try to look through each happening as an inspiration to scribble down. :0) crazy weirdo i'm !! thank u 4 ur comment!