Sunday, 27 June 2010


I live in past;
Reminiscing over my beautiful memories.

I live in dreams;
Thinking they are fairer than realities.

I live in future;
Imagining of a better closure.

When will I live the present;
And just be present in it.

When will I shake myself off;
For better, for worse.

The smile I created
To hold back the tears...

The jokes I made
To try ease up my sanity...

The laugh I faked
To hide me from my selfdom...

But Who am I kidding?
Me or remaining?

End of the day,
Did I get to see myself?

Or did I acquaint with my faint shadow
And just watched it fading away farther...

Wasn't that me who put dust in my eyes?
To bewitch my realm of existence;

Wasn't that me who blew spells over my ears?
Hoping a voodoo trance of clock and anti-clock;

Maybe I was destined to create this;
A stranger inside me, drifting ever so maddened;
By the mind trapeze, magnetized...
Beyond ever, the fact of time...

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