Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ting Ting

There comes a Heavy rain
When No brolly near
Wet My shabby mane
Like a ritual Of the year

Comes in My mind
The Lesson of a wind
By blinding with Loads of soil
On a wicked Pharaoh of Nile

I Pour some juice
As Pepsi Is a no-no
To Hear Santa's ho ho
With a body All fit 'n' nice

Don't get the point
When All say cheese
And One starts a sneeze
Messing up the Total moment

Taste of a Coffee
Along song of Rafi
Rather than at Disco
Is yummy Like a cocoa

Water in the Glass
Is For a waitress lass
Tempting than a Big Tip
With seal of his Hot lip

Sure did she Lose some weight
Thinking of a Beautiful waist
But wardrobe is Useless now
Her Bank card is Also low

I Love the microwave
Better than the Smoke of stove
For making Maggi noodle
When Almost always idle

With talent Like J.K.Rowling
I would have Money rolling
With theater In my home
Instead of bills, bothersome

Wish I wore the other pumps
Ain't Taller Such as these
Sure, would I've stayed some more
Without having feet so sore

All comes So alive
As if there Is a jive
Coz Tyra Banks On the stage
Even though she is Middle-age

Watching Carrey in the Mask
Of course Is not a task
But I Prefer running Jerry
With Tom behind him in Hurry

Working for a Matching Rhyme
Seems harder than a well-put Mime
But it sure does Have some Fun
And that is counted always, Hon.

P.S. : Started writing a 'serious' stanza first abt rain, but I was rather in a light mood :) . The singing rhythm may some way be helped if capital lettered words are stressed. I'm not sure though, if the readers can understand the rhythm I'm intending. But let's give it a go! :)

 To my beautiful Roonatha, the coolest Pediatrician who can sing along all the children's songs and cheer up any sad face with her loveliest smile <3 :="" br="">

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