Thursday, 16 September 2010


Had she ever known then,
She'll have waves up her hips
Not holding his hands,
But only her own?

The tides of mourning
And the floods of pain,
Had nearly drowned her till
She pushed self to go on.

Had all subsided slowly
Emptying to loneliness;
A lifetime have ended;
Forthwith new life upfront.

Now its all dried up
Like a barren desert;
No mirage to quench;
But a few tears to wet.

Though if looked inside,
There will be his relics;
In her core imprinted
Till his lifeline got broke.

Did she know then,
Some slit knits can't be sewn?
Though they once brought forth
That he was en masse her own.

Does she know now,
His seity was their oneness?
That neared to perfection,
Each rise, until the end.

This is a Double-Entendre presentation. On the surface level, the reader shall find this as a relationship between a woman and a man she loves. But the double entendre in is that, with another perception, its between a mother and her child who died during birth. Clues are given to bring the reader to this angle by not using any words that directly and exclusively imply the better half bond but by using double meaning words.

Waves up her hips - Can be sea waves. Can also be the blood, placenta etc a woman expels during delivery.

Holding his hands - Can be the lover's hands. Can also be holding the baby and his hands after he is born.

Tides of mourning and pain - Can be the emotional pain. Can also be the physical pain during giving birth.

Pushed herself - Help herself out emotionally. Also, pushing the baby out.

Core - Heart, Mind, Womb.

Emptying to loneliness - Her life is lonely. her womb is lonely without baby.

Barren desert - Her empty mind. Her empty womb. Can also be her empty hands without the baby. Barren also means fertile. Barren dessert means, fertile but not seeded.

Mirage - She can't have the mirage of a sooner pregnancy and quench her longing for motherhood (because it takes at least a few months for a woman to get pregnant again after a delivery).

Few tears to wet - Can be her post-natal menstruation which has to finish before a mirage could happen again.

His relics imprinted - A womb is changed forever in shape and physicality once its held a fetus. There will be evidence that the womb has carried.

Lifeline - Umbilical cord.

Slit knits - Her heart is broken and it can never be mended back to new as she lost her love of her life. That's the lover or partner's angle. The other angle is the slit made for the ease of delivery can be sewn by a doctor, but the wound she got by losing the baby can't be healed that easily.

Bring forth - Means to cause to occur. Also means, to deliver.

En masse - All together. In a mass.

Seity - Identity. The baby has no identity but only that he was her fetus. As he is dead born, he has no other identity other than as her dead baby.

Neared to perfection - A healthy pregnancy and delivery is one of the perfect creation processes in the world. As the baby died during birth, its not healthy, ie not perfect but only neared to perfection.

Each rise - Each time spent, Each month of pregnancy.

The reason for not writing this without two levels is I can never write enough and effectively about the emotions and loss of a mother. I'm deprived of words for that expression. So through the narration of the pain and different emotional stages of a partner, the reader can try multiple it and try understand what will the pain of a mother will be.

The title 'Water' thus implies, the different forms of water/fluid and its significance in life physically and emotionally.


  1. The best of the lot so far.

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  2. Its nice to know that its considered as best as its the latest. I didn't stop blogging, maybe its called 'blogger's block'..!! :D

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  4. Hopefully! :) thanks for the encouragement. :)