Saturday, 8 October 2011


Withered within oneself
Muddled within chaos
All that lay siege seem lost
None to see nor to hear

Loathe the soul within
Embrace not the happiness
All that lay among love seem forgotten
All to point out and none to heave

Take off your claws, oh solitude
Leave me alone, oh loneliness
Let me breath, let me thrive
Let me own myself back.

Was triumph the endeavour
Was defeat a vindication
For the shadow of battlefield
Haunts deep within evermore.

P.S. A fellow blogger coaxed me to write, coz I hadn't written anything in my blog for almost a year. I still didn't write, but when my friend gave me the first two stanzas and asked me to fill in the rest, I did, for the sake of fun :) Thank you so much, friend; It did trigger me to write after a long time. :)


  1. When I thought I would conquer,
    I laid siege.
    Eternity passed but the soul would not give,
    At last I asked 'How do I conquer?'
    All I had to do was ask.