Saturday, 31 December 2011


I tried holding me tighter
Closely to the shines of summer

Though coldly a storm with rain
Brushed me away to the clouds of fall

I wait in hope without vain
Cherishing the flakes of snow

And the memories of fresh young vow
For a delightful spring of all.


Seasons change. Orders change. People change;

Hinting me patiently to learn and love each transition thankfully.
They are those that make us resolute better aspirations
And make our years worthy for many wakeful dreams coming true.


Once again,
With prayers, wishes and wills;
A crisp new page is blessed along.

The beautiful beginning for a breath of life
is now only moments of heartbeats away.


P.S:- Four represents four seasons and also every fourth year called leap year (like 2012).