Thursday, 13 September 2012


Her gaze... i can't take my mind out of it... She was staring as if I did some cardinal sin.. And I was already not feeling good of my deed. On top of that, her judgmental eyes? What should I've done? Knew not... So I just looked back at her with a deadpan face. I sensed she was just jealous of me coz of my freedom to do what I want and her lack of it. 

It wasn't my fault that her life was limited, was it? Maybe if she had the guts to scream to the world and grab her right...? ...If I could, I might have offered her what I had, But it was not the right thing to do, as I had no right to make her fall into temptation, like I fell into. It would only make me feel guilty again... If it was not good for me, then how can I ever think that it can be good for her? So I juz sat there with self-remorse, thinking of her.

Still.......... I now at least wish I could scream at her and get it out of my system that could have helped me feel less guilty. I wish I told her the first thing that came to my mind then; "For God's sake, stop staring at my cone and ask your parents to buy you, if you want one!!"
 - A brief encounter with a lil girl, while having ice cream cone sitting on the street bench. :P

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