Saturday, 26 January 2013


We all search for that special someone through a good part of our lives..

Someone who can bring smile in a whim..
Someone who offers shoulder whenever wished for..
Someone who wipes all the sorrows, even through silence..

Someone who is the happiest for bringing the best within..
Someone who soothes with care and calms with patience..

Someone who listens, even at the oddest hours of night..
Someone who let morning in to help wake up at the rising dawn..

Someone who loves unconditionally, no matter what.

This quest is one of our life's most beautiful dreams;
And the answer to the search being one of our biggest blessings.

But the thing is, we seldom realize that,
we already have that special someone in our lives;
Much before we had started the search.

For, He has always been The One.
For, He has always loved and shall love always.

For, He... is Him.


P.S : Hope the readers would have taken note of the capital H in the words 'He' and 'Him' and shall therefore would have understood who was I referring to. Need a better clue..? He is my God. Our God. :) I always wanted to write something which had the title 'Love'. But as much easy it is to say the word in everyday life, it felt very hard actually to put it in words with an entity in mind to write about. Well, of course, up until now. Because who is a better entity than Him... :)


  1. Replies
    1. So true. In our endless search for love from people we forget that all they offer are reflections and glimpses of His love because He is the ultimate Love with a capital L :)